Grow Your Business By Starting Local

December 14, 2016

Social media, blogging and a company's website helps the business obtain a global reach but regardless of the kind of product or service you provide, starting local can be a profitable way to extend your business reach. One of the best places to network and cultivate raving fans for your business is in your hometown.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Twitter Time

November 16, 2016

Twitter is a great place to find quality followers and follow individuals with your interests, individual and business owners in the same field of expertise that you possess and potential clients. Twitter is also a great place to interact with captains of an industry whom you may never get the opportunity to meet.

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Tips To Effectively Utilize Social Media Marketing

October 12, 2016

"Everyone" says you have to be using social media for your marketing, right? What they may not explain is that although you do need to be found on social media sites, you need to be effective or you're simply spinning your wheels and being part of the online noise but not making your own footprint.

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5 Tips To An Effective Editorial Calendar

September 7, 2016

Just as the words you read can impact your day, so too, do the words you write. Whether you're writing a status update on social media, a 140-character Tweet on Twitter or a blog post, you need to give your words cohesion so that your readers and followers can appreciate the brand you're trying to build.

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Get Customers To Help Build Your Brand

August 10, 2016

Converting leads into business is the bottom line for building business and bringing in dollars and sales. How do you get those leads and convert them into sales? Branding is one of the best ways and you can tap into your current customers to help spread the word about your brand.

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How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Online Revenue

July 13, 2016

Virtually anyone that owns a computer has heard of Facebook and Twitter, the two mega players in social media. But, there are also other social media websites that can all be used to generate leads and improve your online revenue.

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